Local Band: Chester French

On my way home from work I heard a great new band on WBCN. They’re called Chester French and I heard bits of two of their new songs, “She Loves Everybody” and “The Jimmy Choo’s”. On getting home I looked them up and found their MySpace page.

The band is composed of Maxwell Drummey and D.A. Wallach who are both seniors at Harvard, and four years my juniors, having fun creating pop music. I know that most of the usual visitors to this blog and listeners to the podcast prefer something harder. Something more in line with Tool, Rammstein, Green Day, Metallica, or Led Zeppelin. Even if you think you’ll never venture into the realm of pop you must listen to Chester French.

They have a sound like Franz Ferdinand but more haunting in “She Loves Everybody.” The vocals are smooth and everything blends together in a perfect symposium of auditory ambrosia. “The Jimmy Choo’s” has an Austin Powers-esque feel to it, I dare your feet to not tap, while “Under the Veil” makes successful use of hand-clapping like Mellencamp’s “Jack and Diane”. “People” is so upbeat and playful that you’ll keep coming back for more.
New fans may only know these songs. But, Chester French have been using a grassroots modus operandi when they stood on the street selling albums for $5 in Harvard Square. We’re going to feature Chester French in an upcoming podcast but to get you in the mood, now, for their music we’re sharing “Dance With Me” from their early album True Love.

Just look at the bottom of this post to play the song. You can also head on over to www.myspace.com/chesterfrench and hear their other songs, read their blog, friend them, and find out everything you wanted to know.

Bottom line is Chester French is a great, up and coming multi-talented band in the Boston scene. We know they’ll enjoy great success and hope they’ll join the ranks of other great musicians by releasing their work, at least some of it, for podcasting via the Podsafe Music Network.

Chester French is definately one band to keep your eye on.