Torg: Week 2

I’m sorry for the delay in sharing this article with you. Someone else indicated they’d write it but I’m picking up the slack.

Torg went into its second week last Tuesday as Murf and I completed the first adventure. Before reading further you may wish to read Torg: Tuesday Game Review. We had just defeated some Spitfires and an angry mechanic that tried to down our sea plane captained by the French NPC. Finally we arrived at our destination of Orrosh, the Horror Realm.

In Orrosh, near Indonesia, we landed in the water and had to swim to the nearby Vortex. We suspected the Vortex of causing the Earth to stop turning. Suddenly, an evil shark attacked our plane. Its red glaring eyes piercing us with each hit. It caused Murf to fall into the water, where it took a bite into his leg. Thankfully it wasn’t fatal. My scholar, Nathaniel Cornwell III, stayed in the plane trying to reenact the climactic end scenes of Jaws.

After using energy weapons, spear guns, and other projectile weapons Murf and I, mainly Murf, defeated the dastardly beast. We donned our diving suits, yay armor for me, and swam into the murky depths towards the Vortex. Suddenly, an evil red eyed eel swam past. Murf played his Escape card and we completely avoided battle with that fiend.

After much swimming we landed on the deck of a sunken pirate ship. Huzzah pirates! Using my superior Find skill (Find 15 baby) I found a skeleton that immediately came to life, with evil green eyes, and grabbed me. Murf and I became surrounded by a gang of skeletons and tried to fight them off. Doing my best to evade I jumped through the open cargo hold and ended up near the controls for the Vortex.

I worked, via dramatic resolution, to slowly fix the machine and reverse its controls. Many thanks to my Scholar – Engineer 14 for that and my 20+ possibilities. While tinkering with the machine I was ruthlessly attacked by 5 skeletons. I burned possibility after possibility each time the skeletons harmed me. After a couple rounds of combat Murf had taken care of the skeletons on deck and I fixed the machine. The Vortex reversed and the ship, machine, skeletons, and everything save us sunk out of reach into the earth. We saved the day!

The adventure was much fun and this session only lasted about 30 minutes-1 hour. While we played 2 other people rolled out characters for the game who will join us next adventure. The bi-weekly Tuesday sessions give us enough time to digest what happened and Teddy enough time to write his next adventure section.

Of course none of this could happen without the support of Battleground Games and owner Derek Lloyd who provides his excellent RPG room free of charge to all RPGers. My re-introduction to RPGing has been a success and I’m hooked.

After learning new skills my character, the 6ft 1in 142lb 27 year old Nate Cromwell has the following Skills, Attributes, and Equipment.


  • Reality – Value 12
  • Scholar: Philosophy – Value 15
  • Trick – Value 15
  • Scholar: Engineer – Value 14
  • Dodge – Value 11
  • Language: French – Value 15
  • Evidence Analysis – Value 15
  • Find – Value 15
  • Land Vehicle – Value 14
  • First Aid – Value 14
  • Faith: Christianity – Value 11
  • Fire Combat – Value 10
  • Taunt – Value 10


  • Dexterity 9
  • Strength 8
  • Toughness 8
  • Perception 12
  • Mind 10
  • Charisma 9
  • Spirit 10


  • Diving Suit
  • .38 Revolver
  • Smyser MP40
  • Spear Gun
  • Torpedo Pistol
  • Opti Grenade
  • Nile Blade
  • 3 Grenades
  • Backpack
  • Camping Gear
  • Spare Ammo
  • Flashlight
  • Notebook
  • Sketchpad
  • $500

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