Inside No Quarter #16 Jan. 08

Wondering if the new No Quarter is worth purchasing? The table of contents below tells you what issue #16 covers. There’s great Monsterpocalypse coverage along with a preview of the Warmachine Legends Warcasters.

Over 90 pages of Privateer Press goodness all for just $5.99 plus a great special offer for a limited edition Eiryss. You need issues 14, 15, and 16 for the Eiryss model.

  • Fire in the Hole p. 2 “Letter from the Editor-in-Chief.”
  • Bosun’s Call p. 4 “Letters to the Editor and general shenanigans.”
  • News From the Front p. 6 “Events and important news from around the world.”
  • New Releases p. 8 “The latest Privateer Press products for January and February.”
  • Monsterpocalypse! p. 12 “Privateer Press’ Next Big Thing is truly monstrous in size.”
  • Birth of Legends p. 14 “The look at what Legends has in store, starting with warcasters.”
  • Talkin’ Trash p. 29 “Oi! Don’t be a lippy git. Learn to talk the Iron Kingdom’s way, mucker.”
  • Recent Battles: Warmachine p. 30 “Things get hot at the border of Khador and Cygnar.”
  • Hosting a Terrain Party p. 39 “Get your buddies together, it’s time to make some terrain!”
  • Terrain: Staging the Battle (Part 2) p. 42 “Fzill up your new gaming table with this easy-to-make modular terrain.”
  • Modeling & Painting: Painting Stone & Gems p. 48 “Ron Kruzie shows you how to simulate stone and gems.”
  • Modeling & Painting: The Feralgeist p. 51 “Tips and tricks for mastering the feralgeist’s eerie pallor.”
  • Painting Challenge: Rock Hard Challenge p. 53 “Rocks are hard, but is painting rocks even harder?”
  • Guts and Gears: Stormblades and Stormguard p. 54 “Charge it up with these elite warriors of the Cygnaran army.”
  • Sign and Sigil: Magic Bullet Theory p. 60 “The two main schools of the IK’s gun totin’, spell-slingin’ gun mages.”
  • Secrets of Five Fingers: Gobbers and Bogrin p. 70 “Underfoot or overhead, gobbers and bogrin are here to stay.”
  • Rank and File p. 74 “Tactics and tips for maximing single-wound troopers in Hordes.”
  • The Pendrake Encounters: The Scylla Flock p. 82 “Polly want a cracker…crammed with necrotite.”
  • The Gavyn Kyle Files: Mikael Kreoss p. 86 “Revealing the man behind the mask.”
  • Parts Bin p. 90 “A look at individual parts available in the Privateer Press Store.”
  • Drawn & Quartered / Player Gallery p. 93 “IK inspired comic and some of the best fan-based paint jobs around.”