Black Gobbo 107 Available

The new Black Gobbo issue 107 is now available. It has a plethora of greenskin goodness for the new Space Orks. Plus, it has a nice article on Harad for LotR. The e-zine is usually a blast and this issue follows through. Check it out at Black Gobbo E-zine 107.

Unfortunately I’m usually less than enthused with the depth of the e-zine. What they do is often good but they don’t provide much beyond the surface. Take the Harad Background article in the new issue. It is some shiny pics and a couple paragraphs of background. This is the sort of thing that used to be on the GW site as regular content. Now it is “special” and deserving of VIP treatment in their e-zine. The background is good and fun to read but I don’t think it qualifies as e-zine material.

On another front there’s a technical point I take issue with. The Space Ork reference sheet is prominently displayed at the top right of the e-zine. Clicking on the image, or the link, takes us not to the pdf reference sheet nor a Space Ork page. It instead takes us to the general entry page for all 40k Quick Reference Sheets. I realize that the other sheets are helpful but if I click on a Space Ork reference sheet link (image or link) I expect to go directly to a Space Ork reference sheet or a page dedicated to the Space Ork reference sheet.

When I link people to articles on the blog I don’t link them to the main page and tell them to search or click a link for the article. I give them the URL directly to the article so they can dig in and enjoy. GW should use this as an example for them to emulate.