Inside No Quarter #15 Nov. 07

Wondering if the new No Quarter is worth purchasing? The table of contents below tells you what issue #15 covers. There’s great terrain articles in the form of Terrain: Staging the Battle plus a worthy look at the future of Warmachine by Matt Wilson.

Over 90 pages of Privateer Press goodness all for just $5.99 plus a great special offer for a limited edition Eiryss. You need issues 14, 15, and 16 for the Eiryss model. Decide for yourself but issue #15 is the worst No Quarter I’ve read. I waited 5 months for it because a customer at my FLGS buys 6 copies of every issue. Due to that the store didn’t have one for me, all I ask for is one issue of this and one of WD, and the store couldn’t get a back issue. I had to wait for Privateer Press to have it on their website where I paid my $5.99 plus shipping, how it killed me to pay shipping, and when it arrived it was crap. To make sure it wasn’t just me I conferred with friends who regularly play Hordes and Warmachine. They confirmed that issue #15 is craptastic. Therefore, CWF is giving it the Avoid At All Costs award.

  • Fire in the Hole p. 2 “Letter from the Editor-in-Chief.”
  • Bosun’s Call p. 4 “Letters to the Editor and general shenanigans.”
  • News From the Front p. 6 “Events and important news from around the world.”
  • New Releases p. 8 “The latest Privateer Press products for November and December.”
  • 2007: A Look Back p. 12 “A retrospective of all the cool stuff that happened in 2007.”
  • Formula P3 Grandmaster Painting Competition p. 14 “A gallery of this year’s winners and top contenders.”
  • 2007 US Nationals Championship p. 36 “A look into the strategies and smack talk of the US Nationals champs.”
  • Hardcore, Hard Results p. 41 “The winners of the 2007 Hardcore championships speak.”
  • Guts and Gears: Trolls p. 46 “How the trollkin turned walking stomachs into killing machines.”
  • Modeling & Painting: Trollkin Thumper Cannon p. 53 “Four easy steps for painting any models. Plus, trollkin faces and skin.”
  • Terrain: Staging the Battle p. 60 “Part 1 in a series of making and using your own gaming table.”
  • The Pendrake Encounters: Sludge Brute p. 65 “Why you should have paid attention in Chemistry class.”
  • 50 Users For A Bodger p. 69 “Hammer plus rivet gun plus imagination equals..?”
  • Advanced Deployment p. 70 “Get the scoop on the 2008 Call to Arms League – with new terrain!”
  • Hordes Challenge: Acceptable Losses p. 74 “Sometimes you need to lose a little in order to win.”
  • Warmachine Preview: Bartolo Montador p. 75 “The last preview before the release of Pirates of the Broken Coast.”
  • …And a Bottle of Rum p. 78 “Some tips and tricks for using Privateers with other factions.”
  • The Future of Warmachine p. 84 “Matt Wilson discusses what the future holds for Warmachine.”
  • The Gavyn Kyle Files: Sorscha Kratikoff p. 86 “Read the secret dossiers of the Iron Kingdom’s master spy.”
  • Parts Bin p. 90 “A look at individual parts available in the Privateer Press Store.”
  • Drawn & Quartered / Player Gallery p. 93 “IK inspired comic and some of the best fan-based paint jobs around.”