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 Forge World Newsletter #204









Hi There,
This newsletter we have three great new releases first seen at UK Games Day which I know many of you have been positively champing at the bit for; World Eater Chaos Lord Zhufor, the Ultramarines Venerable Dreadnought and our Ork Nob Warbikers. 
For the Red Scorpions enthusiasts out there, we also have revised rules for Commander Culln, and you`ll find information about forthcoming events and Christmas ordering. 
Keep a look out for another newsletter soon

Alan Bligh

Khorne World Eaters Terminator Lord Zhufor
First introduced in Imperial Armour Volume 6, Lord Zhufor is the baleful leader of a World Eaters warband in service of the Blood God Khorne, and this model designed by Simon Egan and Will Hayes brings this character`s hellish savagery to life. This unique and stunning model features extraordinary detail, and is made up of fourteen separate components including both helmeted and bare heads and a banner pole featuring a grisly trophy in the shape of an Imperial Commissar`s impaled carcass.  

You can see pictures of this much anticipated model Here.

This model is available for pre-order now for release the week commencing the 27th of October.

Ultramarines MKIV Venerable Dreadnought
A much requested expansion to our Space Marine range is the Ultramarines MKIV Venerable Dreadnought. Designed by Simon Egan and Will Hayes this model is bedecked with chapter specific iconography and battle honours as befits such a veteran lord of the battlefield, and features a particularly impressive banner bearing trophies claimed in conflict against the Tryanid menace.  

As with our other Dreadnought models, arms must be purchased separately and it is compatible with our range of MK IV Dreadnought Arms which you can see pictured Here.

This model is available for pre-order now for release the week commencing the 27th of October.

Red Scorpions Rules Update
With the recent release of the new Space Marine Codex, we thought it was time to dust off the rules for Red Scorpions Commander Culln (as found in Imperial Armour Volume 4, The Aphelion Project) and update this hero of the Imperium.

You can find Commander Culln`s updated rules for download Here.

Christmas Ordering

The Holiday Season is still some time away, but here at Forge World we`ve already had a lot of people asking about our Christmas shipping dates. Last year we had a phenomenally high demand for our models, which resulted in delays for some of our customers in getting their orders in time for Christmas. The best thing to do to avoid potential disappointment is always place your order as soon as possible, and if there is a particular large item (such as a Titan, super heavy tank etc) that you`re after for Christmas, try and get the order with us by the end of November.

  Ork Nob Warbikes
New for the greenskin menace are our Ork Nob Warbikes designed by Will Hayes and Mark Bedford. This hybrid resin and plastic set of smoke-belching speed demons contains enough parts to make three Nob Warbikes. Many of the resin parts contained in the set are interchangeable with each other in a suitably Orky kit-bashing fashion and can be combined to make your own individual warbikers. You can find pictures of the Nob Warbikers Here.  

This model is available for pre-order now for release the week commencing the 27th of October.
Events this Autumn 
Forge World will be attending three smaller shows this Autumn, where we`ll have a sales stand carrying a selection of our stock as well as several members of our team on hand to answer your questions and offer a few sneak peeks of what`s to come.

Games Day Italy is being held on the 19th of October in Modena Italy, and for the first time, Forge World will be there.

“The Frenzy” in Utrecht in the Netherlands is being held on 8th of November, if you’d like to place a reservation for this event, you must do so by the 26th of October.

Scale Model World is being held on the 15th and 16th of November at the International Centre in Telford in the UK. If you’d like to place a reservation for this event, you must do so by the 2nd of November.

You can place a reservation order with us for either “The Frenzy” or “Scale Model World” events either by giving us a ring or by emailing us at and clearly marking the event that the reservation is for in the subject line, by the deadline shown for the event.

New Catalogue

If you would like a copy our 2008 catalogue (which is free regardless of wherever you are in the world), please get in touch with us at our catalogue request email address or give us a ring and we`ll take your address details and get you one sent out.  






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