The Gate Stormers Blog Goes Live

Previously we announced The Gate Stormers podcast and now we’re happy to say their blog is live. It experienced a few hiccups at first resulting in downtime of roughly a day. But, it is now fully operational.

They’re using a great theme by The Cloisters, who are sadly going out of business, which is very easy to navigate. A couple posts appear on their front page. One discusses a Magic: The Gathering prerelease at Battleground Games & Hobbies, while the other addresses the blog’s downtime.

Drew, the head honcho at The Gate Stormers, assures me that new content is on the way. He is planning a post discussing his gaming philosophy and a second to cover the oft spoke “pay where you play.”

Feel free to send your comments and feedback to Drew via e-mail. Contact information will appear on his blog.

Don’t forget that Drew will be the featured guest on a future episode of Monty and the Fox’s Wargaming Show to coincide with his podcast’s debut.

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