Disease Curing Flash Games

If you’re like me, then you really enjoy the board game Pandemic. It is a blast to play, even when losing. The board game does suffer from one major deficiency, which is also a strength. You need other people in order to play the game.

What are you to do if nobody else is available to play? If you are near a computer you can play a handful of flash games that pit you vs disease…or you may be the disease trying to wipe out the world.

Dark Realm Studios makes great flash games. They also make great disease themed flash games. Their most popular title is Pandemic II (not related to the board game. The Pandemic franchise, still not related to the board game, includes four flash games that you just might enjoy.

You can play all of these games on a variety of flash game websites. My favorite, for these games, is Kongregate.

The original of the Pandemic flash franchise. This game was released January 1997. You play are a disease attempting to infect, and eradicate, mankind across the globe. Infecting people earns points, which can be inserted into categories to adjust the disease’s lethality or transmission. You win when you kill off humanity.

Pandemic: Extinction of Man
This spin-off shows the beginnings of what would become Pandemic 2. Gamers who played Pandemic would easily adapt to Extinction of Man. The goal remains the same. Points are still allocated to adjust lethality and transmission. Those points are still earned by infecting people. You still win when humanity become extinct.

Pandemic 2
The sequel to the original hit. It is more challenging game, which includes many more options for infecting and killing mankind. The map is reminiscent of Pandemic moreso than Extinction of Man. This is a very good, but difficult, game to play.

Pandemic: American Swine Flu
This game picks up on the hype from Swine Flu. An added twist swaps the player’s role from previous games. The player must eradicate the Swine Flu in order to win the game. You can “spin” the media, research a vaccine, deploy national guard, or even nuke populations to destroy the disease. Many options, but not too many, allow the player a range of abilities. This is my new favorite from the series.

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