4th Annual 40k Megabatttle

I’m sitting here in the grand ballroom of the Holiday Inn in Rockland, Massachusetts. The fourth annual Warhammer 40k Megabattle hosted by Battleground Games & Hobbies has been going since 9am this morning.

Over 160 thousand points spread over 40 gamers are battling across a dozen 4×6 tables depicting a landscape changing from muddy swamps to snowy peaks. The forces of Order have been inflicting heavy losses on the forces of Disorder.

A game of this magnitude progresses glacially. At most four turns will be played. The game is currently in its second turn. For comparison, a standard 40k game features 1,500-2,000 pts per player and lasts six turns.

I am live-blogging this highlight of the gaming social calendar for southeastern Massachusetts. One titan was blown up and more recently the Ultramarines lost a Thunderhawk. You will be able to see many photos of this event when they get uploaded to this blog. I also shot video of a few smaller combats.

Throughout the course of the day I interviewed observers, participants, and organizers. The next episode of our podcast will feature my co-host Tom Barbalet and our friend Neil Shuck reviewing Osprey Publishing’s Force on Force rules. The one after that will be our after action report for today’s event.

Updates will be wired out as news pours in of changing battle conditions. It is now 4:36pm and the event should end around 10pm.

4:53pm Both thunderhawks are DESTROYED! Forces of Disorder are in jubiliation.

1 Comment on “4th Annual 40k Megabatttle”

  1. Cort N


    It truly was great. As a none 40K’er, I had a great time.
    The GB crowd was friendly and informative. Just what a spectator needs.

    Cort N