Wargaming Recon is a WargameVault Publisher

Listeners who frequent WargameVault (affiliate link)/DriveThruRPG (affiliate link) can now download episodes of Wargaming Recon (affiliate link) while doing the rest of your shopping. We have been approved as a publisher on all of the websites associated with WargameVault and DriveThruRPG.

A few podcast episodes are now available, which you can “buy” for FREE! New episodes will also be added and classic episodes will slowly be included to the WargameVault/DriveThruRPG catalogs.

Down the road we hope to release other products that you can purchase. The Dedhampton Revolution is one of those products, which in time you will be able to buy.

In the meantime please download episodes of Wargaming Recon while you do your other shopping on WargameVault and its associated websites such as DriveThruRPG.

Don’t forget we have an affiliate link. If you use the link we earn a small bit of income.

Please spread the word that Wargaming Recon is the newest publisher on WargameVault.

There are many ways you can get episodes of Wargaming Recon.

You can: