Kickstarter Updates – Wargaming Recon #201

In recent years we’ve recommended that listeners back a variety of Kickstarter projects.  This episode provides updates to some of those projects.

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Miniature Wargaming the Movie

  • Introduced in Episode 148 in 2015.
  • Documentary sought to be a comprehensive look at the wargaming hobby.
  • Was recommended by Henry Hyde.
  • Delivery of digital copies estimated for January 2016 with physical copies arriving December 2016.
  • 2nd Kickstarter was launched to raise a further 19,000+ GBP on top of the original 5,000 GBP.
  • Estimated delivery dates on the 2nd Kickstarter was pushed to November 2017 for both digital and physical copies of the documentary.
  • A January 2018 update says things are nearing the end.  After many problems and setbacks it is hoped this will finally release in 2018.

Hexographer 2

  • Shared on Episode 167 in 2016.
  • Designer Joe Wetzel wanted to update his Hexographer software.
  • Hexographer is an easy to use cross-platform map making software perfect for those creating a RPG or wargaming campaign or even those who just enjoy doing some worldbuilding.
  • Jonathan used the original Hexographer for the Dedhampton Revolution (listen to Episode 90 for more on the Dedhampton Revolution).
  • Estimated delivery of Hexographer 2 was February 2017.  I received mine by June 2017.

Cigar Box Battle Double Sided Mats

  • Cigar Box Battle is an incredible company making wargaming mats.
  • We first discussed Cigar Box Battle in Episode 176 when we reviewed their mats.
  • Co-owner Chris Ward discussed the company on Episode 183 when he alluded to the Kickstarter project.
  • They asked for $1,5000 in funding and received over $71,000!
  • This is the only Kickstarter I’ve backed where the product was delivered BEFORE the estimated delivery date.

Everlasting the Best Wet Palette

  • Launched in 2017 by Redgrass Games from France.
  • They sought to create the best wet palette possible for painters of all stripes.
  • They asked for 37,500 Euros and received 270,426 Euros.
  • March 2018 is their estimated date of delivery.  Looking like it will more likely become an April 2018 delivery.
  • Throughout the entire process their communication has been impeccable.
  • Have to thank Enfilade for their support, which has allowed us to back this Kickstarter.

Upcoming Kickstarters That Excite Us

  • Cigar Box Battle has said they will do one in 2018.  No further information on dates or the product.  If it is anything like their double-sided mats it is sure to be fantastic!
  • Peter Bryant from the Mythwits has a Kickstarter coming soon for a revised edition of his Cube of Death game.  We recommended his Rogue Chess Kickstarter on Episode 94.  Peter is coming on the show to discuss his Cube of Death Kickstarter.
  • Dwarven Forge has TWO Kickstarters planned this year.  The first will be a smaller one focusing on more of their miniatures.  The plan is to expand their range by creating underserved miniatures (i.e. townspeople, seated figures, etc).  The second will be in line with their Dungeon of Doom Kickstarter from 2017.  It will expand their terrain range.  Stefan Pokorny and Nate Taylor from Dwarven Forge will be on the show in 2018 to discuss the two Kickstarters.

Kickstarter for Wargamers

With all this talk about Kickstarter and crowdfunding it can still be a tad confusing for a wargamer to understand it all if you’re unfamiliar.  We shared guidelines for what crowdfunding projects to back (and which to avoid) on Episode 118.

Jonathan’s (Not a Lawyer) 5 Guidelines for Backing a Kickstarter

  1. Have a clear idea of your EXPECTATION. Determine if it matches what the project creator is doing.
  2. COMMUNICATE with the project creator BEFORE backing. This is the best way to ask questions.
  3. Only pledge when you KNOW the project creator, their work, or a respectable person you trust vouches for the creator and the project.
  4. Closely EXAMINE the Kickstarter project. Does it seem too good to be true? Is it unreasonable? Or impossible?
  5. Pledge no more money than you can afford to LOSE if things go sour.


Wargaming Recon Facebook Group 

Some great discussion about the previous episode.  Especially the Test of Honor FAQ and distribution announcements.


Wargaming Recon Facebook Group 

A place for listeners to hang out, chat about the hobby and the show. We have seen some great discussions lately.  Some members have shared pics of minis they’re painting and had a lively discussion about wet palettes. Want to thank Enfilade & NHMGS for making it possible for us to back a wet palette Kickstarter. We will do a big Wet Palette episode in 2017 because of their support.


TotalCon 2018

Wargaming Recon will be at TotalCon 2018.  We are recording a crossover episode with the Mythwits.  This recording is open to the public!  If you’ve ever wanted to see a podcast episode in the making be sure to check this out.  It is NOT an official event.  We will share further details on our social media (i.e. time and location).  It should be that Saturday during the dinner break.


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