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Imperial Literature: News Update!

Hey, this is Janshi again, with some more exciting development at Imp Lit. First and utterly foremost is some long awaited news: the Fiction section is now up! Take a look here to find out all about it: Secondly, the November Monthly Writing Workshop (MWW) Sign Up thread is… Read More»

Tale of X-Gamers update.

Hello all, I know its late but here it is. My first two tactical squads of howling griffons are done and look fantastic. As is my Librarian which I did not buy I had it laying around, and a Grand Master. I have decided to name the charecters after the… Read More»

Combat Storm Game = Dust Off Old Plastic Army Men

Yesterday I got an interesting e-mail from Dave Reiter. At first I wondered if it was spam but then I looked at the subject and it seemed like it could be a real e-mail for me in light of this blog and podcast. On opening it I was made aware… Read More»

Imperial Literature: Monthly Writing Workshop

Greetings from Imperial Literature! I am Janshi, a moderator at the aforementioned site, and granted by our gracious host the opportunity to act as Imp-Lit’s mouthpiece to the greater wargaming community abroad. Here’s a little background info. Imperial Literature is a Games Workshop fan fiction website that has been operating… Read More»

GTA Online

Rockstar Games has never came out with an official online version of any Grand Theft Auto PC game, but since the start, GTA fans have been attempting to make their own third-party multiplayer versions of the games. It all started with GTA III. A group of people got together and… Read More»