2013 Episode Guide

We hope you will enjoy this episode guide to our 2013 podcast season.

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Release Date | Episode # | Topic, Important Notes, & Guest(s) if applicable
January 21st-Ep.85: 5 Goals for 2013
January 31st-Ep.1: Introducing Wargaming Recon (reissue of classic episode)
February 11th-Ep.86: Angelia – TotalCon’s Promotional Director
March 4th-Ep.87: TotalCon 27
March 18th-Ep.88: Save the Higgins Armory
April 1st-Ep.89: More Secrets of Wargame Design
April 15th-Ep.23: Learn to Play War at Sea (reissue of classic episode)
April 29th-Ep.90: Henry Hyde Editor of Miniature Wargames now with Battlegames
May 16th-Ep.91: Aaron Bostian and How Wargamers Can Give Back
May 30th-Ep.92: Building an Affordable Game Table
June 10th-Ep.93: Interviewing Jonathan Part 1
June 24th-Ep.94: Rogue Chess with Peter “Blix” Bryant
July 8th-Ep.95: Wargames Magazines with Jasper Oorthuys
July 22nd-Ep.96: Pay What You Want with Ben Gerber
August 5th-Ep.97: How to Run a Successful Convention Game with Angelia Parenteau
August 19th-Ep.98: Battleground Games & Hobbies
September 9th-Ep.99: Goodbye Donald Featherstone
September 16th-Ep.100: 100 Wargaming Tips
September 30th-Ep.101: Jay Libby and Dilly Green Bean Games
October 21st-Ep.102: An Academic Study of Wargamers with Ian Cross & Aaron Bostian
November 11th-Ep.103: 25hr Game-a-thon for Children’s Hospital
November 27th-Ep.104: Holiday Gift Guide 2013
December 9th-Ep.105: Wargame Holidays Centre with Jon & Diane Sutherland