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Wargamers’ Terrain Hedges – Wargaming Recon #193

Adrian and Jonathan review some wargaming products that are soon to be available online. Specifically hedgerows. The Hedgerows Purchased for $9USD for 1, 9 inch section “the hedgerow comes in other sizes such as 6 inches roughly $1 per inch of hedgerow”.  Made from same compound used in the interior… Read More»

Aurelian Review: Wargaming Recon #188

Adrian and Jonathan take some time to go through a new ruleset by Sam Mustafa. We all know that doing a review and playing a game is really an excuse to play a game, but the lads have some great insights in this Roman Wargame

Wargamers’ Terrain Review – Wargaming Recon #181

Wargamers’ Terrain is made by Joe Linares from western Massachusetts.  It is often found as a vendor at New England conventions such as Huzzah.  Each piece is made by hand, not by casting.  The company began in 2003.