Monthly Archives: September 2006

Warseer Dice?

That’s right!  Warseer has announced a limited run of special Warseer branded dice.  They will be the Chessex Cobalt style dice with the Warseer logo. Warseer will have the number “6” replaced with their logo.  To order you must be a member of the Warseer forum and you must click… Read More»

Zombie Night Fight is Coming

Every year Danger Planet Games in Waltham runs a big gaming event to celebrate Halloween called Zombie Night Fight.  In the past, gamers brought a single character, painted with glow in the dark colors, to fight on glow in the dark tables and the winner received an entire army. DP… Read More»

Danger Planet Sands of Time 40k Mega Battle

To celebrate their fifth anniversary Danger Planet Games in Waltham ran a 40k Mega Battle today called the Sands of Time.  It was the largest mega battle ever run in the store with over 9 connected tables and players divided into 2 teams to decide the outcome. DP owner Brian… Read More»

CWF Stargate SG-1 RPG Update

This past Friday night a bunch of us got together to roll out our characters for the Stargate SG-1 RPG that CWF’s own Steve is running. Unfortunately, we received bad news that one of the players dropped out. The evening went well with Jared, a Battleground Games employee, Steve, and… Read More»