TXG – Tomb Kings Rising from the Sands

Hello one and all. This is your friendly neighborhood ^Raven^ reporting in. This is my first post about my army for CWF Game Discussion’s Inter-System Tale of X Gamers.

I am collecting a Tomb Kings army for Warhammer Fantasy Battles. My short-term goal is 1,000pts with my long-term goal being 2,000pts.

For the first month, September 2006, I have $75 USD to spend. Tomb Kings rely on their General and Hierophant to keep the army undead and going. At 1,000pts I can have no more than 3 heroes. This means I can choose between Tomb Prince, Icon Bearer, and Liche Priest entries from the army book.

Tomb Kings (TK) also rely, heavily, on their Core troops. In the first few months I’ll want to purchase my leadership and some Core units.
Below are my purchases:

September 2006 (1st Month, Startup $$)

1 Liche Priest Blister – $7.50

1 Tomb King Blister – $5

Total (without tax) – $12.50 with $50 left.

If you’re comparing my prices with those from GW Online you’ll see a disparity. A FLGS had all WFB stuff 50% off. I was able to get the Liche Priest and Tomb King blisters for some great prices.

I’m intending to put my King on a Chariot, he’ll be a Prince in my 1k army, and I’m actually doing a conversion for him (please see Foray into Tomb Kings w/ Tutankhanut Conversion for what I want to do). But that’ll have to wait until I have more $$ to buy the chariot and bitz.

I also want to pick up the TK Battalion Box, which costs $90. I’ll use the $50 I’ve saved now with $$ from the next couple months to pick that up.

I need to choose where I want my army to be based, geographically, in Araby. There’s a thread on Khemri.co.uk that mentions some locales and descriptions. Go to 1st TK Purchase and look at the 2nd post, the first one is by me, which is by Mioumboy.

In the coming weeks I will have updates on my progress, fluff, and hopefully photos. I’ll be relying on your help to choose my color scheme and home base for my army.

Stay tuned for more!

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