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Follow gamers as they create an army, from scratch, one month at a time.

Creating a 40k Apocalypse Army: Giddy-up!

Going back in time to September 9, 2006 we arrive at TXG Tau for the Greater Good. That article was part of the failed CWF Game Cast Inter-System Tale of X Gamers. Although the TXG failed, the article serves as a perfect launching point for this foray into the realm… Read More»

TXG – Tomb Kings Rising from the Sands Pt 2

Hello one and all. This is your friendly neighborhood ^Raven^ reporting in. This is my second post about my Tomb Kings army for CWF Game Discussion’s Inter-System Tale of X Gamers. I am collecting a Tomb Kings army for Warhammer Fantasy Battles. My short-term goal is 1,000pts with my long-term… Read More»

Tale of X-Gamers update.

Hello all, I know its late but here it is. My first two tactical squads of howling griffons are done and look fantastic. As is my Librarian which I did not buy I had it laying around, and a Grand Master. I have decided to name the charecters after the… Read More»