Nintendo = Games Specialist

According to a recent article on iTWIRE, the Australian technology news website, Nintendo is leading the pack with its brand new Wii system.  The Wii is Nintendo’s next generation system like the PS3 is Sony’s.

The article “Nintendo the games specialist shows others how” by Stan Beer does a good job of saying why Nintendo will make a better system.  Above all Nintendo is solely a video game company.  Sony and Microsoft have many other markets bolstering them such as televisions, DVD/VCRs, Music, and Computers.  Nintendo must completely rely on the income from their video games and consoles.

Be sure to check out the article for its many valid points.  I’ve been a Nintendo guy since NES took over for Atari and excluding my PS2 I’ve never bought anything but a Nintendo console.  They have quality systems and quality games.  The SNES is still favorite pick for best RPG console.  I know others would choose the PS or PS2 but SNES really does take the cake.  NES set the stage with Super Mario Bros and Zelda.  Both characters continue in modern Nintendo games.