Librarium Online Suffers Hack Attack

Librarium Online, the famed gaming website and forum, suffered a nasty hack attack today by a dastardly group of hackers.

The hackers defaced LO with curse words and immature ramblings.  They also included a virus that would infect visitors, which is partly why LO closed down.  

At first only the main page was affected and the forums still worked. But, eventually LO administrators had the entire site suspended by their host to avoid further issues.

If you go to LO you will see the following message, “This account has been temporarily disabled. If you are the owner of this account and have questions about its status, please contact your provider’s technical support staff.

Thank you for your understanding.”

In order to conserve their bandwidth and resources please do not access LO at this time. We received all this information from Angron, Warvault owner, and hope you’ll find it useful.

At the risk of postulating too much we wonder why there’s been a string of hack attacks on gaming websites. LO, WV, and a few others have recently been defaced. We don’t have an answer but maybe we’ll discuss this in a post or on the podcast down the road.