Pacific Marauders Game Club Tourney

The Pacific Marauders Game Club, based in the San Diego area of California, are holding a 40k and WFB tourney on November 4th.

It is called Battle by the Bay and includes BBQ and drinks.  Your $20 entrance fee ($15 for members) gets you into the event, which includes over $200 in prizes!

Check out their website Pacific Marauders Game Club for more information.

Why Did You Post This?

We’re sharing this for a couple reasons.  We cover all aspects of different types of gaming.  This include game clubs.  If you run or are in a game club and want to get some info spread around just contact us.  We’re happy to do a posting or talk about your event in our podcast.

Second, there’s a second where’s the first?, I received a really nice e-mail from one of the Marauders named Wade who had some nice things to say about the podcast.  We got talking and he mentioned this event.

Wade, this one’s for you!  Also, look for our next podcast when we promote the Pacific Marauders Game Club and give a shout out to our new friend Wade.  Thanks for listening!