This Week’s New Releases

Here are some new releases you can expect to hit the shelves in your friendly local gaming store this week!

Miniatures Games
-Star Wars: Bounty Hunter Huge Packs

Miniatures Accessories
-Warmachine: Epic Captain Allister Caine (Superiority) Token Set
-Warmachine: Epic Feora, Prot. of the Flame (Superiority) Token Set
-Warmachine: Epic Skarre, Queen (Superiority) Token Set
-Warmachine: Epic Kommander Orsus Zoka (Superiority) Token Set
-Warmachine: Epic Magnus The Warlord (Superiority) Token Set

Board Games & Non-Collectible Card Games
-Catan Event Cards
-Mission: Red Planet
-Sear Panic
-Top Secret Spies

Role-playing Games
-Ptolus: The Night of Dissolution
-RuneQuest: Companion
-RuneQuest: Rune of Chaos
-Werewolf the Foresaken: Lodges: The Splintered

Magazines, Books, & Novels
-Dragon 348

Collectible Card Games
-Yu-Gi-Oh! Collector Tins


The contents of this post come from the Danger Planet Games Newsletter 9/21/06 issue.