CWF Stargate SG-1 RPG Night @ Battleground Update

On September 21st we announced a weekly RPG night held at Battleground Games & Hobby in Abington, Ma.  We are now pleased to inform everyone that we have the necessary people to begin running this game.

The game will be run by our very own Steve and it will be held weekly on Friday evenings at 6:30pm at Battleground in Abington, Ma.  We will be playing Stargate SG-1 starting Friday September 29th.  That night we will all begin by rolling out our characters.

We have a solid core of 4 players but new additions are always welcomed.  If you’re interested in playing be sure to contact Steve on AIM or e-mail as wolfyugo ( for e-mail).  Stay tuned for updates on the progression of the game.

Now open up that Stargate and let’s explore some other worlds!

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