CWF-2006-09-24 Solo-Cast w/ Librarium Online, Mailbag, & Stargate RPG

This solo-cast is with Jonathan. Today we discuss Librarium Online & Net Safety, Stargate SG-1 RPG, and our Mailbag. We also have some tunes for you too!

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1) Theme, Zombie by Devin Anderson (Electronic)

2) Sunday September 24, 2006, CWF Game Discussions Podcast, Welcome, name, Librarium Online & Net Safety, Stargate SG-1 RPG, and our Mailbag.

3) Music to Game By
Check out the Green Day & DMB inspired song “Drive Away” by Matthew Ebel.

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5) Sponsor, Acho Hosting starts at $3.55 a month

6) Discuss Librarium Online Hack Attack & Net Safety

Librarium Online Suffers Hack Attack @ CWF

Librarium Online Recovering from Hack Attack @ CWF

Librarium Online Official Website

Librarium Online Temporary Forum @ Warvault

Hack Attacks = Opportunity to Increase Security Awareness

7) Mailbag – E-mails from Wade of Pacific Marauders Game Club

8) Promote Pacific Marauders Game Club

Pacific Marauders Game Club Tourney @ CWF

9) Stargate SG-1 RPG

CWF Sponsored RPG Night at Battleground Games @ CWF

CWF Stargate SG-1 RPG Night at Battleground Update @ CWF

10) Recent Blogging

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11) Closing comments, next cast will be a Duo-Cast on September 28, 2006.

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15) ImpLit Monthly Writing Workshop Signup Thread @ ImpLit
Incase you couldn’t understand what I said here’s the passage you need to use (start with or be inspired by it):

“She scrambled hither wither through the twisting tunnels and back alleyways of the underground kingdom, her footsteps a lurid stacatto in the lonesome darkness.”

16) Exit Theme, Pop Science by Devin Anderson (Electronic)

Next cast will be a Duo-Cast on September 28, 2006.