Imperial Literature: Monthly Writing Workshop

Greetings from Imperial Literature! I am Janshi, a moderator at the aforementioned site, and granted by our gracious host the opportunity to act as Imp-Lit’s mouthpiece to the greater wargaming community abroad.

Here’s a little background info. Imperial Literature is a Games Workshop fan fiction website that has been operating since circa 1998. We consider ourselves one of the better GW fan fiction websites on the net, with many great stories having originated from our community – the best known probably being The Darkest Angel, by Mark Barber. We are a relatively small community, but I think this works in our favour as all our members and their works get a goodly amount of attention. Our goal is to help our members and would-be writers improve in their writing and to present and provide the best Games Workshop fiction on the web. We also have a bi-monthly e-zine in the works for our members’ original fiction called Paragon Scribe, which I encourage you to send your original works to.

But now to the meat of the issue. Imperial Literature is right now holding a Monthly Writing Workshop (MWW) to help members improve their writing and storytelling skills. We’ve already had two MWW’s and are currently holding another, and we really would like you to join! The more the merrier, as the saying goes. The due date is October 10th, which I realise is not far away, but if you can’t make this MWW there’s always next month’s! I encourage you to have a try at it, even if you think yourself not that great a writer – we all have to start somewhere, after all. There is a FAQ in this month’s sign-up thread which I encourage you to read, since it essentially tells you how the MWW is run. Each MWW has a topic sentence or subject which acts as the base from which the author will build his or her piece. Previous topics have included basing the story on, or about, a City, and the line ‘A steampunk gangster unearths a statue in the air.’ This month’s MWW must start with, or be inspired by this line:

‘She scrambled hither wither through the twisting tunnels and back alleyways of the underground kingdom, her footsteps a lurid stacatto in the lonesome darkness. ‘

Which I think has quite a lot of potential…

I hope to see you there!


Edit: ^Raven^ called the MWW a contest on his podcast. I just want to ensure that you know that the MWW is NOT a contest. The MWW is a writing workshop for you to improve your skills, and there is no prize beyond your own satisfaction at having your work read by others. Imperial Literature DOES hold contests however, and when we have our next one (coming soon!) I will be sure to notify you all immediately.