TXG Tau for the Greater Good Update

Last time we spoke I told you that I would be finishing off my Tau for TXG in addition to collecting Tomb Kings.  I told you that I would purchase two Sniper Drone teams and save the remaining money.  Things change.

I had recorded that I spent $24.52 and had $50.48 leftover.  One of the Sniper Drone Teams I bought was on eBay.  The seller, who I won’t blacklist in public, didn’t ship or contact me, ever, the item.  As such I had to go through Paypal to get my $20 back, which I finally did, and unfortunately I didn’t get my 2nd team.  That made me unhappy.

Since I added wrong, my spending should have been $34.52 last month with $40.48 leftover, I added the $20 back in giving me $60.68.

Today, while I was at Battleground, I picked up a couple things I need.  I know it isn’t October yet, a matter of hours really, but I’ll probably be done with my purchases soon.

Purchases (September 2006 1st month continued)

  • 3 blisters Kroot Hounds – $24
  • 1 blister Krootox – $15

Total (without tax) – $39 with $21.68 left.

That means I need 1 Sniper Team and 2 blisters of Kroot Hounds to have the list from US WD 316 (March 2006) on page 102 and 103.  I want to also buy a couple more squads of Fire Warriors plus a squad of Vespids.  In addition I want to purchase more Shield Drones and actual Shas’ui models for my squads.  That should cover me over the coming months to finish this army.

Stay tuned for further developments in the completion of my Sacea Sept Tau Army. For the greater good!