This Week’s New Releases

Here are some new releases you can expect to hit the shelves in your friendly local gaming store this week!

Miniatures Games
-B5 ACTA: Armageddon
-B5 ACTA: EA Nemesis Advanced Destroyer
-B5 ACTA: Whitestar Gunship

Board Games & Non-collectible Card Games
-Gloria Mundi

Role-playing Games
-RuneQuest: Glorantha
-RuneQuest: Monsters

Collectible Card Games
-MtG: Time Spiral Boosters
-MtG: Time Spiral Tournament Packs
-MtG: Time Spiral Theme Decks
-MtG: Time Spiral Fat Packs


The contents of this post come from the Danger Planet Games Newsletter 10/05/06 issue.