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For Babylon 5: A Call to Arms by Mongoose Publishing.

Mongoose To Halt Babylon 5 Minis Production = 20% Off

In a move to drastically cut expenses Mongoose Publishing is halting all production of their Babylon 5 A Call to Arms miniatures on March 31, 2008.  A Call to Arms was the 2004 Gamer’s Choice Winner at Origins designed by Matthew Sprange but even that couldn’t prevent the ax from… Read More»

Babylon 5 Drakh Mothership New Release

Mongoose Publishing has just released the Drakh Mothership for its Babylon 5: A Call to Arms miniatures game. The game is a blast and the new model looks incredible. It is the perfect addition to a Drakh fleet. It retails for $49.95. From the publisher: Generally recognised as the largest… Read More»

This Week’s New Releases

Here are some new releases you can expect to hit the shelves in your friendly local gaming store this week! Miniatures Games -B5 ACTA: Armageddon -B5 ACTA: EA Nemesis Advanced Destroyer -B5 ACTA: Whitestar Gunship Board Games & Non-collectible Card Games -Gloria Mundi Role-playing Games -RuneQuest: Glorantha -RuneQuest: Monsters Collectible… Read More»