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Take 2: What The?! Miniatures to Sell First Custom Figs

Back on February 13th I wrote an article titled “What The?! Miniatures to Sell First Custom Figs.” In that article I rated two models produced by the makers of Battleground Weird War 2, Brian and Amy Cottrell, the Fliegerfaust as part of their foray into making miniatures. I reviewed the… Read More»

What The?! Miniatures to Sell First Custom Figs

What The?! Miniatures is the miniatures company formed by Brian and Amy Cottrell who are best known for the Protocon 9 Best Minis Game Winner Battleground Weird War II. The game takes place in World War II and includes a twist with superheroes, villains, and monsters like King Kong. It… Read More»

40k Drop Pods on the Cheap

Drop Pods have become more and more popular for Space Marines armies lately. Yet, I’ve often heard players exclaim “they cost too much $$ for me to use!” Minivault.com has a great article, Drop that Pod, to help you build drop pods for $5 per pod. Not a bad deal!… Read More»