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CWF GameCast Episode 39: When Jonathan Met Tom

This is the first of the new conversational style podcasts with Jonathan J. Reinhart and Tom Barbalet co-hosting. We discuss our previous week in gaming focusing on Tom writing his own RPG based on a novel he’s written. We also discuss my trials and tribulations with Flames of War (this… Read More»

CWF GameCast Episode 38: Historical Gaming Roundup

This is an “old style” podcast. Tom and I will be co-hosting the new style soon. I discuss my appearance on the Stone Ape Podcast. You can listen to it at Stone Ape #19: New England Gaming Vegas with Jonathan Reinhart [October 31, 2010]. An update on my Flames of… Read More»

BG Weird War II: The Elder Gods Awaken!

The Battleground Weird War II battle reports with The Elder Gods Awaken!  This time we share the battle report in its entirety with permission from batrep author, and BG Weird War 2 creator, Brian Cottrell.  Brian wears many hats and is also half of the genius behind What The?! Miniatures.… Read More»

BG Weird War II: Battle In A French Village

Battleground Weird War II is a game system allowing gamers to play WWII with a twist using just about anything around the house.  Zombies, crazy mechanical creations, and standard WWII equipment fight side by side. We’ve discussed the game, and products for it, since 2007. Finally we’ve come across an… Read More»