CWF GameCast Episode 39: When Jonathan Met Tom

This is the first of the new conversational style podcasts with Jonathan J. Reinhart and Tom Barbalet co-hosting.

We discuss our previous week in gaming focusing on Tom writing his own RPG based on a novel he’s written. We also discuss my trials and tribulations with Flames of War (this has since been rectified in The Whiz Saves the Day).

We refer to my guest appearance on Stone Ape #19: New England Gaming Vegas with Jonathan Reinhart [October 31, 2010]. Tom and I consider the easiest and most affordable way to get into Flames of War. We share thoughts on the different types of gamer along with experiences of attempted gaming with our spouses.

The conversation winds down with Tom and I declaring the intention to have guests on the podcast. We conclude with a message from our sponsor,, and contact information (find us on Facebook and Twitter).

We hope you enjoy this episode of the CWF GameCast and are eager for your feedback (both positive remarks and constructive criticism). Send it all to cwfgamecast at wargamingforums dot com.