BG Weird War II: The Elder Gods Awaken!

The Battleground Weird War II battle reports with The Elder Gods Awaken!  This time we share the battle report in its entirety with permission from batrep author, and BG Weird War 2 creator, Brian Cottrell.  Brian wears many hats and is also half of the genius behind What The?! Miniatures.

We hope you enjoy the below battle report.  You can always find lots of great BG Weird War II weirdness at the official Battleground Weird War II website.  If you have your own BGWW2 battle reports you can share them here or on the official forum.


The Elder Gods Awaken!

We played a game last weekend were a group of cultists had taken over a church that had hidden in it a relic that could be used to control the masses.  The local military commander was tipped off by a phone call from a nun from the church just before the phone went dead.  The Major mustered what men he had available and they headed off to save the captives and neutralize this threat.

The Germans had the following:

Major (Veteran Leader) P38

Lt (Veteran Leader) MP44

Lt (Green) P38

Sgt (Veteran Leader) MP40 x2 Grenades

Sgt (Regular Leader) MP40 x2 Grenades

Cpl (Regular) MP40

Cpl (Regular) MP44

Cpl (Regular) Mp40

Pvt (Regular) Kar 98k

Pvt (Regular) MP44

Pvt (Regular) Kar 98k


The Evil Cultists had the following:

Cult Leader (Elite Leader) P38

Evolved Cultist (Elite)

Cultist P38

Cultist Shotgun

Cultist Shotgun


The soldiers are in route to the church.


The troops dismount.


The LT questions the man outside the door.


The LT gets the answer to his inquiry.


The troops respond!


Medic!  The men rush for the door.




LT and the Sage head around the back.


The Lt and Sgt sneak the hostages out the back and give them cover as the Evolved Cultist pursues them.


The civilians drive off to safety in the truck


The freak is taken down.


Then suddenly!


The Lt is speared by teeth and tentacles.


Meanwhile, the sniper is taken out and the church is assaulted.  The cultists are killed but as they retrieve the artifact one of the fallen erupts into to a Hell beast.


With covering fire, the Sarge throws two grenades into the open maw of the Hell best and it explodes into gore.


The second Hell beast appears from the front of the church and is easily dispatched with concentrated small arms fire.


Look out behind you!  From out of the woods comes a huge beast that lunges for the CO.


The beast rips the Major in two and throws the staff car into a building catching it on fire.


A mother and her child escape the burning building only to face something more terrible.


The Sgt decides to rescue the woman and drives the truck right into the beast.


The men dismount and engage the beast in hand to hand to give the woman and child a chance to get away.


Run!  The mother and her child make it to safety at the cost of the rest of the men’s lives.


The Elder Gods are triumphant!


Hope you enjoyed it,