BG Weird War II: Battle In A French Village

Battleground Weird War II is a game system allowing gamers to play WWII with a twist using just about anything around the house.  Zombies, crazy mechanical creations, and standard WWII equipment fight side by side.

We’ve discussed the game, and products for it, since 2007. Finally we’ve come across an interesting and entertaining battle report.  The report can be found, in its entirety, at The Old Gamer’s Den blog.

The report details a battle fought by the blogger and his son in a French village during WWII.  They intended to have three battles over the course of a weekend and the French village kicked off the events.  What turned me on, besides the writing and pictures, is the inclusion of a Star Wars AT-ST by the Allies.  Technically it is a “prototype walking tank” for their game but the model representing the tank is an Imperial All-Terrain Scout-Transport.  This beautifully showcases one of the game’s strongpoints.  You can use just about any model you have at home in the game to represent something amazing in the game without your opponent squaking.

Before we send you to The Old Gamer’s Den to read the batrep, we wouldn’t think of posting the entire thing here and stealing visitors from his blog, we have to share a picture of the Prototype Walking Tank.  It simply takes the cake.

Don’t forget to head over to The Old Gamer’s Den: BG Weird War II: Battle in a french village for the complete battle report.

Star Wars AT-ST posing as a Prototype Walking Tank in BG Weird War II