McDonalds Nintendo Toys

Fast-food chain’s latest kid’s combo promotion includes “free” Mario, Yoshi, and Donkey Kong toys.

With Nintendo’s Wii promising to put the “active” back in “interactive entertainment,” it’s only fitting that the publisher’s marketing tie-ins leading up to the console launch should have a similar focus. So for fast-food chain McDonald’s current Nintendo-themed promtion, the Big Mac monger is offering one of six freebie “active toys” with its Happy Meals and Mighty Kids Meals, each one featuring Mario, Donkey Kong, or Yoshi. The toys include a Mario-shaped ball for playing catch, a flying disc, an inflatable Mario Power Tennis mallet with ball, and more.

The emphasis on activity is part of the fast-food chain’s ongoing effort to reform its long-suffering public image when it comes to healthy eating. According to the company, “The ‘Take the Mario Challenge’ Happy Meal and Mighty Kids Meal event is part of McDonald’s ongoing commitment to helping guests better understand the keys to living balanced, active lives. This initiative…underscores the importance of eating right and staying active, and includes a wide variety of programming for guests of all ages.”

Is McDonald’s struggle to become a ‘healthy’ more-Subway enviroment working? Some say yes, some say no. A lad by the name of TheGamer says No.

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