No Podcasts! No Radio! No Blogging! What Gives?

You have every right to be angry. There’s been no podcasts, no radio, and almost no blogging since October 27th. I am completely to blame for this. Normally, if I am unable to do a podcast I put up a post letting you know. At least that way you know I didn’t choose something else and ditch you. It isn’t great, you’d prefer the podcast, but at least you’re informed and can be sympathetic.

You’re wondering why there have been no podcasts, no radio, and almost no blogging. You’re curious as to what captured my interest and made me unavailable. You’re pondering why I have not been living up to my promise.

The answer is November 7th. On november 7th the state of Massachusetts goes to the polls and votes on many important ballot questions, local senators and representatives, and the next governor.

I am involved, locally, with one of the gubernatorial campaigns and when I’m not at work or sleeping I have been working to get my person elected. I have been distributing campaign literature, talking to friends and neighbors, holding signs, and watching debates. I have been doing this because I firmly believe that my woman candidate is the best candidate. I have been doing this because she has 50 points on what she will do and how she will do it. I am doing this because she does not want to give college tuition to illegal immigrants. I am doing this because she has experience and hasn’t lied about her “prosecutorial record.” I am doing this because Massachusetts needs balance. I am doing this because I am dedicated to my community. I am doing this because I am proud to be an American.

Unfortunately, this has resulted in a diminish of my other activities. I sit on the board of directors for a local childrens’ organization that helps kids in need. I am a Trustee of my local library. I am involved in many groups and organizations. They, like my podcasting and radio and blogging, have taken a backseat during the campaign season.

I hope you will forgive my absence while I’ve worked hard on an issue I deeply care for. I know that I should have told you this sooner and I apologize. I swore to myself that I would not bring politics into this endeavor. The CWF Game Cast is for gaming not proselytizing. I only bring it up now to explain my absence.

This Tuesday is voting day. The polls open early and close late. I strongly urge you to vote. No matter what candidate you like, what party you belong (or don’t belong) to, and no matter how busy you are I ask you to take some time out of your day and vote. Do your civic duty and exert your right to choose on an issue that will impact you daily.

When the election is over I will ease back into podcasting and internet radio and blogging. Until then, I ask you to stand by me and stay tuned. I will try my best to put up a podcast this Thursday. But, it is more likely that one will go up next Sunday or a week from Thursday.

In the meantime I strongly encourage you to visit and some of the Warvault partners. Take the time to listen to our old podcasts and read some of our old blog posts. You may have missed one or two and can catch up. Or, maybe there’s one you really like and want to listen again.

Thank you for allowing me this diatribe and this time for the campaign. More importantly, thank you for your understanding and your listening and reading. I’ll be back after the campaign is won!