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Great Wargamer Destinations – Wargaming Recon #117

Yorktown battlefield sign

Great Wargamer Destinations Summer is a time to relax and go on vacation. Why not also gather some inspiration for wargaming to boot? Jonathan shares a few of his favorite wargamer destinations. If we didn’t cover one of your’s, then please share it with us on Facebook, Twitter, or via… Read More»

Jonathan’s TotalCon 2014 Schedule

TotalCon begins this Thursday!  If you haven’t pre-registered don’t worry. You can get your ticket on site. There are heaps of games, events, panels, and fun to be had. This year I will be in attendance with Troll in the Corner owner & Indie Talks host Ben Gerber. Ben, as… Read More»

Wargaming #107: Turn Your Girlfriend Into a Gamer with Aaron Bostian

Turn Your Girlfriend Into a Gamer with Aaron Bostian Aaron Bostian shares the story on how he introduced tabletop gaming to his wife and how she became a gamer. His experiences can be helpful to those of us who wish that our significant other (boys and girls alike) could participate… Read More»

Wargaming Recon #106: 5 Goals for 2014

5 Goals for 2014 The year is barely new and it is already packed full of wargaming goodness here at Wargaming Recon. Jonathan shares 5 goals he wants to improve the show, and his gaming, in 2014. The second half of the episode is devoted to looking back on what… Read More»

Looking Back on 2013

A tradition we started a year, or so, ago has been to jump onto that bandwagon of reviewing the previous year. We take the time to share some numbers with you, hopefully not too many, so you can see what we did well and where we can improve. As January… Read More»