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WargameVault/DriveThruRPG Podcast Program

With delight I can announce that we are finally a member of the WargameVault (affiliate link)/DriveThruRPG.com (affiliate link) Podcast Program. Back in February I submitted an application to join the program but never heard back. Turns out that was a snafu and the program coordinator recently activated everything. What this… Read More»

Wargaming Map Making

I’ve wanted to run a campaign for a decade or more. That never happened because, as we may all know, of the heavy work-load to create a campaign. The campaign creator needs to do a TON of work behind the scenes to get the campaign started, keep it running, and… Read More»

Perry Bros. North American Farmhouse Looking Good

The Perry Brothers released a plastic kit that would make a nice piece of terrain for anyone using Warlord Games’ Black Powder rules. I am, of course, talking about the North American Farmhouse 1750-1900. This retails for 15 GBP, which, according to XE.com, converts into $24.36 as of the time… Read More»

Viking Invasion! Revell Delivers Gripping Beast to Your Shores

Gripping Beast is leading a Viking invasion. It is time to lock up your valuables and defend the shoreline. Your Viking Hirdmen can ride in style with the new 1:50 scale plastic Viking Longboat from Revell. The longboat features: – Two-piece wood grained hull – Large area deck parts with… Read More»

The Gate Stormers Podcast Debuts February 2011

The Gate Stormers is a brand new gaming podcast from southeastern Massachusetts run by my friend Drew McCarthy. Drew has been a long time friend and fan of this blog and podcast. He loves to game and was inspired enough by what we do to make his own podcast. Drew… Read More»