WargameVault/DriveThruRPG Podcast Program

With delight I can announce that we are finally a member of the WargameVault (affiliate link)/DriveThruRPG.com (affiliate link) Podcast Program.

Back in February I submitted an application to join the program but never heard back.

Turns out that was a snafu and the program coordinator recently activated everything.

What this means for all of you:

  • Products reviewed more often
  • FREE content for you guys, and gals, from WargameVault and DriveThruRPG
  • Inclusion in their affiliate program

If you’re anything like me you probably buy lots of stuff from WargameVault.com or DriveThruRPG.com. Whenever you do that in the future I’d love if you used my affiliate link. Using my affiliate link means I get a small financial benefit from WargameVault/DriveThruRPG for items you purchase. You don’t pay any extra and you do get the same great content as always.

This is just one way you can help to keep the podcast going.

Please look for the banner in the right sidebar for the link. I will also include direct product links when I discuss a cool or interesting product. Simply clink the banner or any of those links and I earn a small percentage of anything you buy, not gift certificates, within 15 days of clicking my affiliate link.

For you old school wargamers, check out this great deal on The Courier Volume 1 bundle for only $12.00 (affiliate link). There are also bundles for:

WargameVault.com/DriveThruRPG.com Affiliate Banner

Thanks and I hope you will enjoy Episode 77: Russ Lockwood that releases on Monday August 13th.