Viking Invasion! Revell Delivers Gripping Beast to Your Shores

Gripping Beast is leading a Viking invasion. It is time to lock up your valuables and defend the shoreline. Your Viking Hirdmen can ride in style with the new 1:50 scale plastic Viking Longboat from Revell.

The longboat features:

– Two-piece wood grained hull
– Large area deck parts with many engraved details
– Typical Dragons Head
– 64 separate, individual shields
– Anchor and 32 Oars
– Structured Sail
– Mast, Yardarm and thread for authentic rigging
– Two piece stand
– Comprehensive set of decals for all shields and the sail

Plus, there’s a ton of nicely crafted water transfers of Viking shields to save you from freehanding those designs.

You can purchase this Viking ship from your FLGS or from Warlord Games. It costs 20 GBP, which is roughly $32.45 USD (as of this posting).

This would be a perfect addition to the upcoming Hail Caesar rules by Rick Priestley (and we’re told Alessio Cavatore had a hand) and distributed by Warlord Games.