Jonathan is Featured Guest for The Gate Stormers Inaugural Podcast Episode

My friend Drew runs The Gate Stormers blog and podcast. He interviewed me for the debut episode of his podcast. I reveal how I started this blog and podcast, which is a story also told on Stone Ape #19 New England Gaming Vegas With Jonathan Reinhart [October 31, 2010], amongst myriad other topics. Before I continue I need to warn you that The Gate Stormers podcast is explicit. It may contain curse words and adult themes. It is not work safe and not family friendly.

I discuss my time at TotalCon 25 and ask Drew to go to TotalCon 26. Drew quizzes me on how my family views my gaming, focusing on my storing massive numbers of models at my parent’s house. I show my affinity for the words “uhh” and “umm.” Clearly, I haven’t learned to avoid verbal placeholders despite podcasting for as long as I have.

As the show draws to a close I reveal a secret giveaway prize for The Gate Stormers listeners.

Check out my interview at Episode 1 – Interview Jon Reinhart at The Gate Stormers for your chance to win a FREE prize!

Many thanks to Drew for interviewing me. It was a blast!

2 Comments on “Jonathan is Featured Guest for The Gate Stormers Inaugural Podcast Episode”

  1. Scott MCarthy

    Hey, I did hear you on the Gatestormers, and you and drew should work together again, you both brought up really interesting points and were able to show a broad scope of knowledge in the mix.

    1. Jonathan J. Reinhart Post author

      It was a blast to record with him. I love recording with my co-host Tom but it was also great to be on another show. There’s a different dynamic and flow.

      Whenever Drew wants to have me back I’d be happy to be a guest or a guest co-host.