Spotlight on Flames of War Fuel Dump Objective Marker

Several months ago I began to paint a Fuel Dump objective marker for my Mid-war Panzerkompanie army for Flames of War. I meant to chronicle my progress and naturally forgot. Actually, I knew if I kept track of what I was doing that I wouldn’t complete the model. It became an easy decision to fully paint something for once.

What I do remember is I spent over 12 hours to paint and base this model spread over 2-3 weeks. I made many custom paint mixes from Vallejo brand paints. It was a pain in the rear trying to get some of the paints I needed but The Whiz, Rte 9 East in Westborough, really came through for me. The barrels of petrol have at least 6 coats of paint and 2 separate washes. They were primed, base coated, highlighted, inked, and dry brushed. The tarp received 3-4 coats and one wash. The textured base received the most attention between multiple coats, multiple washes, drybrushing, and added basing material. The tall grass was the most time consuming product to use. It is Woodland Scenics Harvest Gold Field Grass. I also used some of their clump foliage plus Games Workshop static grass.

It may be overkill but I want to make another of these as my final objective markers. What can I say? Those Panzers devour the petrol.

I know I went extra crazy with the coats of paint and I know that I probably could have achieved the same results with fewer coats of paint and fewer washes. But, I am a reluctant painter and an amateur painter. In time I’ll learn. Despite that I hope you enjoy the pictures.

2 Comments on “Spotlight on Flames of War Fuel Dump Objective Marker”

  1. Adrian

    Twelve hours on an objective marker? I’m beginning to understand why your FoW army isn’t complete! On the other hand it does look pretty darn good…

    Just don’t take that long on the militia!

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