Henry Hyde’s Shot, Steel & Stone – Wargaming Recon #151

Shot, Steel & Stone is Henry Hyde’s foray into writing wargaming rules.  Henry discusses his many projects and the state of wargaming.

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Listener Mail

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  1. Jacksarge’s Wargames Ramblings blog said of episode 148: Miniature Wargaming the Movie with Joseph Piddington “After listening to an interview with movie maker Joseph Piddington I decided to back this excellent project for a hard copy of the DVD”

Via our Facebook page:

  1. Listener Dave asked “Could you ask Henry which miniature painter(s) he admires or aspires to emulate?”
  2. Listener Jamie asked a question for Henry “As a man on the inside of the historical gaming world, but the outside if the main businesses. Why does it seem that only WWII gets decent starter sets?”

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