Games Workshop Release Dates until 2009

Greetings one and all. I want to note, first and foremost, that although some items on this list are confirmed as releases and that some of the dates are confirmed doesn’t mean anything. This list should be considered as a rumor until the items come out.

Also, I want to credit Warseer as the origin of this list. My hat off to them.

Warhammer Fantasy

WFB 7th Ed (Sep 06)
WFB O&G (Sep/Oct 06)
WFB Empire (Mar 07)
WFB Campaign
WFB Campaign (Nagash – new minis for some races – including CD Character (could be the 2 handed axe mini)
WFB VC (Oct/Nov 07)
WFB HE (Mar 08)
WFB Skaven (Q4 08) (could change places with DE)
WFB DE (Q2 09)
WFB Chaos Dwarfs (Q3 09)

Warhammer 40k

W40k Eldar (Nov/Dec 06)
W40k DA (May/Jun 07)
W40k Orks (Aug 07)
W40k CSM (Dec 07/Jan 08)
W40k Dark Eldar (Q3 08) or could be Blood Angels
W40k Space Wolves (Q1 09)
then indeterminate in 09
W40k ?/CSM (maybe chapter specific)
W40k Campaign (Summer?)
W40k ?/CSM (maybe chapter specific) (Christmas?)

Lord of the Rings

LotR (as yet un-named) (Sep 07)
LotR (allegedly “the Hobbit”??)