Sitting Ducks Gallery

Are you ready for 20 minutes of the most laughs, excitement, and fun shooting a bunch of ducks minus the blood and gore? If so Sitting Ducks Gallery by Playroom Entertainment is for you.

Sitting Ducks is one of my all time favorite games currently tied with Connect Four as most often played card/board game. Ducks is intended for ages 10+ but is real fun for all ages. Last night at Battleground Games in Abington I played Ducks for 2 hours with most of the people in the store. We never dipped below 4 players and maxed out, twice, at 6.

Nothing is funnier than ganging up on the purple duck in homage to Tinkie Winkie of the Teletubbies. Nothing is sweeter than getting revenge on the person who keeps turning your ducks into duck l’orange. Nothing is better than hiding your duck under another duck and a Bottoms Up card. Nothing is more incredible than Sitting Ducks!

Gameplay is simple enough for the youngest child, most feeble minded, and the drunkest gamer. Each player picks a color duck (Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, Purple, and Pink) and then must be the last player with ducks alive in the game. You achieve this by shooting, misfiring, hiding, and changing the arrangement of the ducks.

The art of diplomacy can save your duck at a key moment but your “ally” will just as soon shoot your duck in the back when the moment is ripe. There are a plethora of cards to help you in your mission. You can Take Aim (necessary to do before shooting), Shoot, move the Line Forward, Move your duck Ahead, Move your duck Back, Fast Forward your duck, Bump a target Left or Right, Duck and Cover behind another duck, Bottoms Up behind another duck for a turn, Disorderly Conduckt and Duck Shuffle to rearrange the line and the deck, Quick Shot a duck without aiming at it first, Double Barrel to aim at two ducks at once, Two Birds to shoot two ducks at once, and Misfire to kill a duck next to one that has a target.

If all this hasn’t convinced you to buy and lay Sitting Ducks Gallery nothing will. But, you should definitely go to RPGNet for more information on the game.