Are You Ready for Some Paintball?

Paintball? Why the heck are we discussing paintball on a gaming blog? Aren’t gamers under or over weight asthmatics who cannot do anything remotely considered exercise like walking up/down stairs?

Those are the usual questions I receive when I told people I wanted to discuss paintball on this blog. That gamer stereotype, while often true in the people I see, is a negative pigeonholing of people and isn’t always true. Many gamers that I know love paintball and FPS like Halo or Counter Strike. Think of paintball as life imitating art.

Several of my friends and I are gearing up for our first paintball outing. I dug out my paintball gear, cleaned it up, and made a shopping list. My paintball marker is a Kingman Spyder Sport semi-automatic (click below pic for closer look).

If you’re starting paintball as a casual player, like myself, I suggest reading the Atomic Paintball Reviews “Finding the Perfect Marker for Beginners” article.


  • Semi-Auto
  • Vertical Feed
  • Quick Disconnect Field Strippable T-Pin
  • Raised Sight Rail
  • Rubber Sport-Type Fore Grip
  • Bottom Line Set Up with Steel Hose
  • 2 Finger Trigger with Regulation Trigger Guard
  • Anti-Double Feed
  • 9 1/2″ Micro Polished Muzzle Brake Barrel
  • Low Pressure Chamber
  • External Velocity Adjustment
  • Drop Forward
  • C/A Adapter
  • Air Maximizer Valve
  • Composite Receiver and Trigger Frame

Safety Equipment

  • VForce Armor Goggles

Loader/CO2 Equipment

  • Java Black 200 Round Hopper
  • 12oz CO2 canister

Shopping List

  • Gloves
  • Athletic Supporter
  • Knee/Elbow Pads
  • Marker Maintenance Kit
  • Kingman Spyder Spare Parts Kit
  • Bag for equipment