Are You Ready for Some Paintball? Again!

Recently we discussed my friends and I getting back into paintball in the article, Are You Ready for Some Paintball? Now we have an update. A big shout out goes to Boston Paintball in Whitman who spent a heap of time helping me pick out equipment and answering questions.

My Spyder Sport was upgraded with a 14 in blue aluminum Proto barrel. The barrel is a one piece construction featuring straight porting to increase accuracy while making it quieter than ever before. Not bad for $29.99. (Click the pic for a closer look)

Next up was some protection for myself. This came in the form of a pair of JT Body Force kneepads. Rolling around in the ground and diving to avoid incoming fire is bad on the knees. Decent protection cost only $9.99. (Click the pic for a closer look)

I also needed a barrel sock because fields, now, don’t let players use the plugs. One lime green PMI barrel sock fit the bill at just $4.99.

Last, but not least, is a pair of black Empire Contact SE Player Gloves. Costing $39.99 they were my most expensive purchase but they fit like a glove, no pun intended, and will serve me well in the field. (Click the pic for a closer look)

Now all I need is an athletic supporter, don’t want to get hit in the groin with a paintball, squeegee, oil, and other necessary spare parts/maintenance equipment. I think I also want to purchase a harness and spare paintball holders. It’d suck to run out of ammo in a game.