Inside No Quarter #14 Sept. 07

Wondering if the new No Quarter is worth purchasing? The table of contents below tells you what issue #14 covers. There’s plenty of great Allies coverage along with a kickass Cryx vs. Menoth battle report.

Over 90 pages of Privateer Press goodness all for just $5.99 plus a great special offer for a limited edition Eiryss.

  • Fire in the Hole p. 2 “Letter from the Editor-in-Chief.”
  • Bosun’s Call p. 4 “Letters to the Editor and general shenanigans.”
  • News From the Front p. 5 “Events and important news from around the world.”
  • New Releases p. 8 “The latest Privateer Press products for September and October.”
  • Warmachine Preview: Allies p. 11 “Who’s your buddy? These hardcover warriors, that’s who!”
  • Battle Report: Shifting Sands, Shifting Fate p. 18 “Cryx and the Protectorate bring their Allies to a scrap in the desert.”
  • Modeling and Painting: Allies p. 36 “Bringing your faction’s new friends to the battle in style.”
  • Mounted Mastery: Cavalry Tactics p. 42 “Get the most out of your cavalry units with these tactics and tips.”
  • Recent Battles: Evolution p. 47 “New scenarios inspired by Hordes: Evolution.”
  • Objects of War p. 57 “Scenarios for Warmachine themed terrain by Gale Force 9.”
  • Terrain: Brick by Brick p. 62 “Alfonso Falco talks about the making of the Castle of the Keys.”
  • Something Wicked… p. 66 “Infernalists in the Iron Kingdoms. Make sure you read the fine print.”
  • The Pendrake Encounters: Cephalyx p. 76 “The Cephalyx don’t want your brain. They want to make it better.”
  • Guts and Gears: Deliverers p. 80 “The Deliverers bring the Word with faith. Oh, and lots of rockets.”
  • Staff Army: Tough and Flexible p. 86 “Privateer Press’ Justin Steurich shows off his vibrant Trollblood army.”
  • Infernal Contraption 2: Sabotage! p. 88 “A primer for Infernal Contraption and preview of Sabotage!”
  • Parts Bin p. 90 “A look at individual parts available in the Privateer Press Store.”
  • Drawn & Quartered / Player Gallery p. 93 “IK inspired comic and some of the best fan-based paint jobs around.”