Free Warhammer Competition

Hi all

I have started a new website  The aim of the site is to help fantasy and sci-fi gamers find model bargains on Ebay.

To celebrate the launch I am holding a free competition with loads of interesting Warhammer and GW models as prizes.  Some are quite unusual models from the 1980s.  Just visit and sign up for the comp.  Please remember that when you sign up for the comp you will be sent a confirmation email and you have to confirm your mail to be entered – check your junk!

Please tell all your gaming friends about it!

All the best


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  1. ^Raven^

    The competition sounds easy enough. How does shipping of the prize work for each winner? Do they have to pay or is that covered by you?

    I know that people spend a lot of time looking for models on eBay. It is nice that you have managed to create a single location to help them with their searches. Are the models you show on your site ones that you are selling?

  2. fantasy-wargames


    No it lists all the items on Ebay broken down into categories. So Ebay gives you some categories which are OK. But I have added extra categories and delved more deeply into others. They are effectively just search terms into Ebay which return those items.

    I will be expanding the categories as time goes by. If there are any specific category terms you would like to see added you can mail me at and I’ll take it on board.

    Postage etc is all covered in the competition. And if you don’t want the item enter anyway – you can stick it back on Ebay!


  3. ^Raven^

    What has the response been for the contest so far and where did the prizes come from? Some of them are pretty nice.

    With eBay being as big as it is I’m surprised nobody else thought of your idea before. Way to go! Nice implementation too. I can see it taking off like a rocket.

  4. fantasy-wargames

    Hi response has been pretty good so far – please make sure to let all your mates know about it, tell your forum friends etc and get it bookmarked! Prizes are various things I have picked up on Ebay over the last few years in my wheeling and dealing.

  5. ^Raven^

    I’m happy to say that I have finally entered this contest. Crossing my fingers hoping I win a prize and a good one at that. If nothing else, I know I’ll be getting quality information as a result of the contest. Plus, contests are just fun to enter. :)