40k Apocalypse @ Battleground Games January ‘08

Battleground Games Logo

As our first post of 2008 we want to tell you about a gigantic 40k battle at Battleground Games in Abington.

Battleground Games is holding a gigantic 40k Apocalypse Mega Battle on Saturday January 5th starting at 10am EST. All the player spots are full but come to the store and see the carnage as Chaos forces battle the Imperium’s armies.Each of the 24 players is bringing 3,000pts of models resulting in hordes of Baneblades, Terminators, and even a ForgeWorld Thunderhawk. This is the perfect way to kick off the 2008 gaming year.

For more information visit the official Battleground Games Online Calendar. Or, you can call the store at 781-261-9669. Battleground Games is located at 1501 Bedford St (aka Rte. 18) in Abington, Ma. For directions go to the Battleground Games Location Page.

Come to the event and you’ll be sure to see some Baneblades in action!