Monsterpoca…who? Monsterpocalypse

Privateer Press hopes to make a great game yet again with the release of Monsterpocalypse in 2008. This is Privateer Press’ foray into the collectible miniatures gaming market and will focus on monster battles.

“We’ve had great success in the hobby miniatures category, and we will continue to support and expand our offerings there. We are excited to grow the company in this new direction. Creating a property about giant monsters is a natural fit for us and something I’ve always wanted to do.” said Monsterpocalypse, Warmachine, and Hordes creator Matt Wilson.

The folks at Greenfield Games aptly sum up this news; “The prototypes look cool but the proof is in the execution. One need only look at the difference between the prototypes and production models of Battlefield Evolution series to know what I’m talking about. If this stuff is on par with, say, AT-43 models then they have a winner on their hands. If not… who knows.”


Like D&D Minis this new game will have large monsters and like Axis & Allies 1939-1945 it will have a non-randomized Starter kit and randomized boosters. The game will release with 80 collectible figures. You can receive updates on Monsterpocalypse by going to the Monsterpocalypse page and signing up for e-mail updates (at the bottom of that page).