Apocalypse Pics from Battleground Part 1

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The first images have started to arrive from the Apocalypse Mega-Battle held at Battleground Games on Saturday, January 7th. The event was a huge success with lots of carnage and explosions. We will be sharing pictures, video, and audio from the event with you as it is made available to us.

The images below were posted on the official Battleground Games message board by moosifer37. He also came up with the great captions. Be sure to head over to the official BG forum to see the original images and all the new stuff people are posting.

If you have any pics, video, or audio from the event please send it attached in an e-mail to cwfgamecast [at] wargamingforums [dot] com.

heroic pose web

This one is after the valiant and heroic stand near the tower objective. Not pictured is the brother captain’s forces who perished in the assault but is not forgotten.

standing web

Here is the space marine chapter loki’s chosen standing up to an iron warrior line breaker squadron.

standing after

As you can see the earth still shakes after the vicious linebreaker attack, with soo many battle brothers dead.

top gun

I call this one the top gun view from a chaos fighter going a billion miles an hour.